Large Grant Application

To apply to the Large grant, please complete the online application below.

Please submit your introductory letter by uploading it as a PDF below. Applications without an introductory letter cannot be considered.

Please also submit copies of your organization’s most recent Report and Accounts with all large grant applications, where available. The latest annual finance report must accompany the application or it cannot be considered. Please bear in mind that we do not return any documents. However, if you request the return of specific items, we will do our best to comply.

Please upload any further information which you feel is relevant to your application but which is not covered by the previous questions in this application. Supporting documents (e.g. budget submissions, project outlines, quotations for equipment etc) must be submitted with your application if appropriate.

All documents must be in PDF format. This helps to preserve the integrity of your application and makes it easier for us to see your information the way you would like us to.

All uploads must not exceed 10 MB combined. Anything larger than this may lead to technical issues, at your end as well as ours!

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